Gorgeous Oregon Day

The other day I took the day off work and went with a dear friend to do some shooting at a nearby public land “range.” We bought some target stands and made our own free-standing targets, and spent 4 hours skills-building and just having a great time. It rained almost the entire time, and it was gorgeous! I happen to love the rain, the overcast, the constant fog and mist. This, this day was exactly the reason I moved to the Pacific Northwest. This was exactly the kind of day I love most, and I enjoyed every moment of the outdoors, the activity, the company.

I am promising myself that I will take greater opportunity to enjoy days like this while they last, before the ridiculous Oregon summer kicks in and it’s nothing but dry, hot, miserable days. I’m leery of using too many of my accrued days off, however, as my day job is threatening layoffs any day now (pardon my injecting mundane and buzzkilling personal life issues into the post) I don’t want to use too much of the time I would hope might get paid to me in severance (should I find myself a victim of the chopping block). But one way or another, my mind, body, and soul need more of these misty rainy days in the pines!

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