PirateScribe Journal

A Night for the Ages

We had a gathering last night, and by “gathering,” I mean we had a friend over and we practiced social distancing and wore masks because that’s the Way of Things these days. We enjoyed a bottle of Spanish red drinking vermoth gifted by this friend from his visit to Spain. Little did my sheltered American […]

No More Big Bang?!

Okay this is fascinating! Evidently there is growing support for the “origin” of the universe actually being an endless series of contracting/expanding universe without a Big Bang. (As opposed to a “Big Crunch/Big Bang” cycle.) I saw cosmologist Paul Steinhardt talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson where he discusses the problems with the Inflation Model and […]

EDC, Belt Stuff vol 1

I’ve picked up “urban prepping” as something of a hobby the last year or so. And I specify “urban” because my current goal of my prepping is basically getting back home from, say, an earthquake. Or, to help get myself to another location should home become unsafe. But mostly, just being prepared in general for […]

Gorgeous Oregon Day

The other day I took the day off work and went with a dear friend to do some shooting at a nearby public land “range.” We bought some target stands and made our own free-standing targets, and spent 4 hours skills-building and just having a great time. It rained almost the entire time, and it […]

My New Favorite Rum, Period

Rum used to be my spirit of choice years back. It was the first spirit that I did research on, read reviews, sought new ones, and tried to have “regular” go-tos, before I moved on to whiskys and craft beers. But recently, and I’m not ashamed to admit my recent re-kindled love of all things […]